High Vibe, Soul Deep™ Writing

High Vibe, Soul Deep™ Writing

I believe in writing that is connected, channeled, or direct. (Take your pick on the language.)

It means: you can learn automatic (channeled) writing and I teach how you can access your inner wisdom, higher self, your guides, guardians, ancestors or the Creator herself to get clarity on decisions, to write your book or to get messages to guide your life.

I teach High Vibe, Soul Deep™ a six week writing course to give you an effortless way to write your book. Find out more at www.thewritewitch.com

What you should know: The High Vibe part comes from writing in community with other women. The Soul Deep part is you, relaxing, not efforting, finding a peaceful, joyful way to write for yourself or for publication.

If you’re not into groups, that’s groovy too. We can work one on one and depending where you’re at, finish writing your book in six months. To connect with me as book coach and editor, go here www.earthandsoulpublishing.com

But, truly High Vibe, Soul Deep™ writing is fun! You might want to try it, and if so, you can find the next class or retreat here: www.thewritewitch.com.

Here’s a tiny sample of what you might learn in either the courses or on the retreat. It’s a great writing practice to get you unstuck (not that you ever get stuck or anything!) right here: