Belly Witch is for…

Intuitives, spiritual people, empaths, creators, writers, Witches, Wiccan, Wicca-curious, pagan, earth-based spiritualists, and anyone who considers themselves post-religion in general.


Belly Witch is metaphysical.

We express the divine nature in our own being and when we are in touch with that, everything is possible. You are magical, unique, called.

We find God/Goddess is all around us and within us: earth, body, mind and spirit.


You might feel good here if

  • you want more magic in your life
  • you want to honor the Divine Feminine in you
  • you’re curious about ritual and spell work
  • you want it all (and you deserve it): abundance, service to others, creative expression, prosperity, health, love, better relationships, clarity on your decisions, how to get unstuck. Transcendence. Joy. Why not?

About me

I am a witch, a metaphysician, a minister.

I love spiritual coaching (but there has to be laughing!)

If you want to follow a path of least resistance, exploring just how magical your life can get, let’s connect.

Life is gritty, joyful, crazy, and we embrace all of it. It’s spiritual with dirt, sort of. Earth and soul. You can find out more at Or, click contact button and I’ll get back to you forthwith.


Earth and Soul Publishing

High Vibe, Soul Deep Writing

My latest book, Midnight Pages: A Workbook for Writers, Insomniacs and Night Owls coming out in November is for insomniacs, night owls and definitely for writers who want a “midnight perspective” on how to think and write creatively. It’s a tad funky, shadow-oriented, totally accepting of wherever you are.

If you’re a sleepless soul and writer and would be willing to read and review a copy before it is released, please let me know! If you have a teen who fits that description, I’d love her feedback too.

Thanks in advance!

Once you read it and love it and give it to your teen-age daughters, her friends and cousins, as well as your women friends, sleepless sister-in-law, and any would-be writers you know, would you leave a loving honest review on Amazon? Believe me, it’s the only way an author can “make it” these days! Thank you so much in advance.

And, there’s more!

Read this!

If you are ready to change the story you tell about your life, try this book.

Sh*t: How a Four-Letter-Word Can Change Your Life: Transforming Your Life from Inside Out

Please leave a loving, honest review on Amazon if you are so inclined! I am grateful because authors truly need reviews for traction in the world of self-publishing. (As you will learn if you work with me for your book…)!

One more thing: fiction! I write The Belly Witch Cozy Mystery Series, about Jilly Atherton, who runs an organic farm and is discovering just how powerful of a Belly Witch she is. She has a couple other things going on…like her crush on Van Lacy, and her terrifying, magical brother, as well as all the murders and mayhem that seem to orbit around her.