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6 Simple Rituals to Develop and Deepen Your Intuition

6 Simple Rituals to Develop and Deepen Your Intuition

Is intuition a magical extrasensory super-power or a natural part of everyone’s body/mind experience? Yes! And you can develop and trust your intuition for a more balanced, easy, joyful life. Here are 6 rituals to help you get in touch with your inner knowing. They’re...

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Beware Unbalanced Equinox Energy

Beware Unbalanced Equinox Energy

I look up from stirring sauce and my eye twitches. The cherry tree has disappeared and the window is black.

Is the shadow beyond the glass a someone or a something?

Then everyone comes home, piling in.

Summer closing down has me suspicious and unbalanced; “off”, panicky or crotchety; disoriented. Starting and stopping things. Literally, the world tilts as I walk to the garden and it feels like falling.

Do you feel it too?

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The Belly Witch

A Cozy Mystery Series

Welcome to peaceful Davis Landing!

‘Tis the season to sell Christmas wreaths and put Pentagrams on your tree… 

Meet Jilly, a witch whose intuition is just waking up in time to solve a murder at Morning Glory Organic Farm.

It’s a Cozy Murder! Dun dun dun!

And a tad of romance…(you’ll fall in love with adorable Van Lacy too I bet!)

Here’s a place where new friends await. It’s a MAGICAL  place.