Writing has the power to heal, give you perspective and clarity on
where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Writing is a spiritual practice.


Do you feel called to inspire someone with your story? Or maybe you want perspective on your own life’s journey.

Discover how the magical tool of writing can transform a reader as well as YOU, the writer.

You will:

Learn how to write memoir and spiritual autobiography that changes lives (yours included.)

Improve your writing craft.
Overcome hurdles all writers face (like procrastination).
Draft your Spiritual Autobiography or if you are writing for publication, craft an outline for your first draft.
Workbook with downloadable templates you can use to draft your story.

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Who’s Teaching?

Diane Riis is a professional editor and book coach who operates Earth and Soul Coaching and Publishing, Inc. She is a certified book marketer and has helped write and publish dozens of books. Earth and Soul helps women write and publish beautiful, heart and soul centered books, offer coaching and group classes for writers. We specialize in getting you unblocked from the blank page and into a Divine flow of creativity.


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