Where do you go for advice? Experts, teachers, guides, ancestors, doctors, “studies show”? The school of hard knocks, a trainer, coach, yogini, talkative massage dude, the inbox?

Whose opinion do you trust?

Three out of five dentists surveyed, statistics, Hannity, Instagram, gut feelings, the voices in your head? Facebook polls, Tarot, advice from a friend?

Who’s the authority?

I’ve been seduced by the advice of “experts” and their promises. I bet some of their stuff works too, if I opened the program occasionally.

Usually I only buy authorities (and their products) when I am resisting something I already know full well. I’m just talking myself out of knowing.

If YOU never bought a program or a course, or got on a mailing list or did a Facebook Five Day Challenge of some sort when you felt stuck or uninspired, I will buy you a bottle of San Pellegrino.

When we are in resistance, those things look pretty appealing.

The magic of not believing.

Trusting your own authority is high-vibe. But resistance has some compelling shit to say. It has some big opinions. It says, what do you know? You’re a fraud. It’s a fluke. You’re not good enough. Nobody wants you. You will never get it right or get it done.

With that Muggle thinking, of course you have no access to magic or imagination. And in that space, now we really need help, right? And best if it’s an authority other than us, ourselves. Better be someone with more experience. Plus, we need more training. And better copy.

But, don’t believe it. Trust your resistance instead.

There’s a magical release that happens when you do.

Resistance is not the enemy.

Some symptoms of resisting are: you feel stuck, writer’s block, undecided. Low mood, low vibration, negative thinking, catastrophizing, ruminating, doing everything but the thing you want to do. No motivation, self doubt, imposter syndrome, not-enoughness, self criticism, feeling fat and/or ugly, worthlessness, apathy, over-focus on others (co-dependency.)

Weirdly, sometimes, it’s just that the pen doesn’t move, the phone doesn’t ring; it’s dead quiet, nothing happening. Resistance huddles with its secrets, over there. That’s the worst. You’re not being self-critical, but NOTHING’s happening that’s creative or productive either.

The Art of Resistance.

There are whole series of books about resistance and beating it. The goal is to bash its head in and get your book written or your fortune made.

But, resistance is the only one who knows what’s behind Door Number 1, where your prize is waiting. It’s the doorway itself. It’s the way IN. It’s the flag waving right over the treasure, and if you don’t get too scared of it, you’ll see resistance is the KEY.

Resistance has all the answers. We don’t need to go to war against it. We need to listen to it. Like your cravings and symptoms, it’s a signpost.

Something is out of alignment when we feel resistance. Our “want” list is up against our “I don’t deserve it” beliefs. For example, some women create spells but from the second they get up from their altar, or move out from under the full moon, they doubt Witchcraft itself.

You get no magic from the spells you don’t believe in.

STOP Resisting resistance.

Resistance is the decisions you haven’t made. The letting go you haven’t done. The low-vibration thoughts from your childhood that block the way. Resistance is the dragon hoarding the treasure. See its tail curled around what you most want. See the fire-breathing nostrils. Now, don’t run. Offer it some Starburst or Snickers. Sit down as close as you can to the fiery little guy whose got a grip on your goodies and ask: What do you want me to know? What do you suggest I do to get unstuck?

Your totem animal is that dragon (or maybe its something else for you, a vulture picking over your carcass, maybe?)

The totem animal represents you, has messages for you and shows you where you are right now. That’s valuable information. And if you’re the non-violent type and “going to war” isn’t your style, try a gentler approach to get moving again.

A spell to try:

First, find yourself an image of what is hoarding your treasure. Mine was a dragon. Yours can be something else. (You can meditate or journal about what the creature is, or maybe it’ll pop straight to mind.)

On the same image, list all the things you know the creature is protecting. It could be your fortunes, your book, your peace of mind, your artwork. Your wants.


Light two candles: one black, one white.

Black is for the dark, the brooding place where the dragon eggs are gestating.

White is for the light, where you are going to draw out the hatchlings, the ideas, the things that have been kept safe by the “monster” who is actually the most ancient, smartest part of you.

Put symbols on your altar (or table) around the picture of the creature. (By now the picture is complete with the list of your wants.)

What symbols? I’m thinking, symbols of what you want. How about Pink Quartz for love, a cherry blossom for blooming creativity, a glittery stone from the beach to represent the gold of your abundance. Use your imagination.

Sit and center yourself. Light your candles.

Light the black one: (or the first one if you don’t have black). State what you intend it to represent as you light it.

I light this candle as a symbol of all that has been waiting to be born…

Light the other one: stating what you intend it to represent.

I light this candle to light my path to what I most want…

Breathe and close your eyes.

Ask: Dragon, who hoards what I most want, what do I need to know?

Sit and listen. Take notes on what you hear. Trust that you WILL hear something, however insignificant it may seem.

When you feel complete, fold up the image and put it under your pillow. Take note of your dreams for the next two days. The secrets and answers will come by the third day.

If not, then in three days, look at the notes you took. It could be that the answers were there all along.

Blessed be.