A smart friend said, “I like your blog. But, why Belly Witch?” How did I not know to start out with that? Here it is.

Belly Witch is a reaction to the labeling some witchy/shaman-ish friends started offering up several years ago. Urban, Kitchen, Moon, Sun Witch. I stood there, reacting – trying to “respond not reaction, blah, blah,” (you know all that good self-help positivity stuff,)

and out popped,

“I’m the Belly Witch.”

My hand went to my belly. I let it expand when I breathed. I tried not to care if it stuck out or was flat or if the women were looking at it. I loved it. It’s taken hours and years of practice to do that. And sometimes I still jump to judgement…

About the Belly Blog

Recently someone inquired about whether my lawyer would take action if they used the Belly Witch. I have common trademark. And I also own bellywitchery.com and thebellywitch.com and the handle of Pinterest, Instagram, FB. So, no, please don’t use it, I said. She told me, “I will let you know if I use it or not.”

Wow. Thanks. Anyway…

We all can be intuitive.

Belly Witches use their intuition, their gut, center, heart, and core to hear, connect, and see what resonates.

They know how to drop out of the chatter of their head to the deeper space of their body – the belly/core/sacral and solar plexus chakra, the heart: the places that have as many neurotransmitters as the brain does. As much electrical charge. As ancient (more) a connection with life as the brain has.

Belly Witches practice connecting every day with their intuition.

They don’t call it “practicing magic” for nothing. You aren’t a Belly Witch because you were born with hyper sensitivity (though that’s nice to have.)

You’re not disqualified if you’re a beginner or don’t get any hunches whatsoever. In fact, you’re a great candidate.

You aren’t Belly Witching if you are empathic, naturally intuitive or otherwise telepathic, clairvoyant, though I am jealous if you have either of those AND you ARE Bellying if you use whatever skills you have to enhance your ability to humanifest (that word was coined by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener.)

Belly Witchery

You are doing Belly Witchery if you tune into your heart and gut before making decisions, or when you do ritual, cast spells or otherwise wonder what the hell is going on with your life and what can you do to shift things for the better.

Our bellies are much maligned. Our bellies manifest symptoms, draw our contempt, are valued when we are round with pregnancy and cringed at when the roundness is just because of our femininity or build, or stage in life or heredity or whatever.

Belly and Self Love

So, that’s what this is about. Among other things. Magic making is creating a strong bond between the All. The One. The Goddess or God. And, our own core center. This little mission of mine is to help women connect with that, and to shift how we see the body and the messages we hear. To dig into the symptoms, the cravings, the automatic things we say, feel, think and be as powerful Belly Witches as we can possibly be.

Maybe it’ll save the planet. Or, just let you have “soft belly” and relax a little.

When you get caught up in negativity or low mood, sit and ground yourself and then drop into your gut. Drop effortlessly into the core center of you. Wherever your attention naturally goes is OK. Whether it’s the heart, solar, sacral chakra areas – let it be automatic. Shush and stay with your attention there and don’t do anything else.

See what you notice.

Hello, Belly Witches.

Blessed Be,