Hi there Witches and Wiccan and those Curious About Post-Patriarchal Women’s Faith/Magic,
Have you heard that this is the week of the “Apocalypse?”
No, it doesn’t mean Judgement Day. Or Armageddon, or The End Times.
Apocalypse means unveiling, uncovering, and revealing. The veil between the worlds is pierced. (Recently in meditation a little dark haired guy pulled aside a curtain and smiled at me… I couldn’t believe it. I kept thinking, “There really IS a curtain!”) So, the curtain is getting pulled aside and what you find on the other side – I suspect that’s up to you!
This is called Heaven’s Cross and other people are calling it the New Age, among other things. I kinda like the Age of Aquarius…

This comes from channeled information, angelic messages and has astrological correspondences too. It’s written in the stars and planets.

Why is NOW the “Apocalypse” if I Even Can Believe It?

We’ve reached the “tipping point.” Enough people have done the spiritual work, they’ve worked on their trauma, done their forgiveness, resolved to heal the planet, to serve, to plod along their spiritual path for as long as it takes. More people than ever are channeling, meditating, watching their dreams, expecting their desires to manifest.
You’ve noticed that, no?
More and more people are choosing love over hate. We are waking up to the devastation we have caused to the earth. We are feeling the call to reconnect with Her and with each other. There is more reconciliation – even though the news might make it seem otherwise.
It’s the pain of the past that makes it possible. Because light workers, healers, people whose hearts and souls are open have overcome the forces of darkness and despair, power and oppression.
I have to believe women are responsible for the shift. For the coming spiritual radiance that we’ve waited for.
We are listening to a joyful message instead of the damning, confusing message of the church. (Which tries to sound like hope but behind the scenes is really about guilt and obligation, power and who has it. Judgement. A man on a throne with an agenda.
The Heaven’s Cross Event
  • The “new age” is dawning. I see it as the Age of Aquarius, even though astrologers don’t agree on when that will be…
  • The feeling of access to a spiritual, “Heavenly” way of living and perceiving, the rise of the awareness of the fifth dimension — the sense that we are MORE than WE THINK WE ARE, the answer to any doubt about that is “yes.”
  • You are a spiritual being having a human experience.
  • You are an incarnate being, channeling the energy of God/dess or the Divine or the All That Is in everything you do.
  • You are on a cosmic, karmic, spiritual journey. A heroic journey where you get to choose the outcome out of all the myriad possibilities that life presents.
  • You are in Soul contact with others.
  • You have enormous psychic powers that are awakening. Everyone has them. It’s time to uncover and use them — as so many more people are.
  • You have access to the abundance, love, healing that you seek.
  • Everything gets easier from here. IF YOU ALLOW IT.
Equinox – How Balanced Are You?
It’s also the Equinox today…a powerful one. I feel like these signposts between seasons have been especially powerful markers between seasons of so much change lately. Today calls you to find ways to feel balanced amidst all the change, turmoil, wars (and other things) and rumors of wars (and other things,) to paraphrase the Christian Bible.

I know it looks like she’s pooping out the egg, but….

How to balance? 
Go outside and stand an egg up on end. Plant your feet on either side of it and breath right down the center line of your body. 
Straighten your spine the best you can. Bend your knees a little in a modified Goddess pose if it feels more comfortable.
Feel your connection to the earth. See how her softness rises to push back, to meet you. 
Ask for balance in your life. At this point in the year you are between your dormancy and all of your potential for blooming and growing. 
State what you want. Visualize it blossoming into full flower.
Feel the balance of time, season, and self. All things come. All things pass. A witch acknowledges the great Wheel of Life: things rising and falling, growing and dying. 
You are in the Now moment and all is well. Breathe.
What Will the Apocalypse Mean for You?
Beginning March 22, what will usher in the dawning of a new consciousness for all of us.
The good news is, there’s no more work to do. The consciousness of this planet has been raised to a tipping point. From here it gets easier. All you have to do is allow.
For spiritual seekers, healers, those who have “done the work” either through service, self healing, trauma work, spiritual seeking — for us, It’s graduation day.
Step into it – let go of what you’ve told yourself before – allow the gifts to come to the surface. Allow yourself to do the things with ease and grace that you doubted you could do before.
Sadly, the allowing and letting go might be the hardest part for you. You’re used to working…to singing for your supper. To caring for others, over-performing, putting duty above self, obligation over taking time to feel and just be.
Now’s the time to take time for yourself. Make a list of what you want. Smile as you imagine having it.  Gaze at this image and let your mind wander. See what comes up in your body. If you get teary, or feelings well up or the image gets cloudy that’s okay, just blink and breathe and look away. It’s not a magical picture or something imbued with magic. It’s just a focus point to see what comes up at this wonderful, magical time.
Maybe it’ll make room for your allowing, letting go, enjoying, happy anticipating, receiving.
What will be uncovered for you doesn’t have to be more work to do, deeper shadow work, harder self discovery, the ongoing plod along the spiritual highway without rewards.
Allow your blessings to flow. Imagine the Divine Consciousness you’ve been meditating for: the peace and presence the NOW moment where the past is REALLY AND TRULY IN THE PAST…allow that. Let it go. Declare it done and so it is.