Is magic real? Is it something that happens or is it a practice, or both? If you’ve been trying to develop your own unique and powerful magic but you aren’t getting consistent results, or you feel too discouraged and down to even try, these 5  ways to prove magic to yourself. They are actually less “woo” and more “real” than you might expect.

After a lifetime of spiritual seeking, dream-work, Witchcraft, ministry, chanting and you-name-it,  I know when I’ve been blind to magic. Sh*t piles up, you know? And we don’t see clearly the power we have, or the magic that’s all around us, waiting to be plucked out of the Elements. But, don’t throw your Witch – or Wicca Craft baby out with the bathwater.

Why No Magic?

The biggest culprit is thought. You’ve heard about positive thinking and how we get what we focus on. But, let me ask you this:

Who do the thoughts belong to? Did they come from you? Probably not.

For example, if you struggle with your body’s appearance: THERE IS NO WAY THOSE THOUGHTS ORIGINATE WITH YOU. Other people, society, media, culture, patriarchy: they are the ONLY deliverers of negative messages about a woman’s body. Without that context and those voices you would NEVER wake up and think, “My ass is too fat.” Your ass would be your ass and that would be that.

Soon I’m going to have to do a class/course/coaching thing/channeled/revelationary “thing” about body, weight and Belly Witchery because as incarnate beings, our body is central to our magic. How powerful are we when we hate our bodies?

Not very powerful. Shoot me a message if you’d be interested at

I always think about how, if we focused all the energy we spend worrying about, decorating, dieting, hating and otherwise despairing of our bodies would cure world hunger, bring peace to humankind and turn around the future of our planet.

It’s saddest waste of magical power…


Body Image, Patriarchy, Self Love

In addition to reclaiming your Belly Witchery, here are six ways to re-ignite your magic:


Magic Just Doesn’t Work Out for Me: Nothing Feels Very Magical



#1 Look for the Evidence in Your Life


The Polar Express is a story about believing. Do you believe you have personal power — or that you can develop some? (Or a lot?) That’s where it starts: with believing. Skeptics never see Santa even if he’s standing right in front of them.

Look for evidence of magic in your life.

  • Stop ignoring the signs by banishing the word “coincidence” from your vocabulary. There are no coincidences.
  • Look for evidence that the Universe is backing you up in a 1000 ways every day. Yes, it’s a shift from what so many of us do: find ways that “God” is out to get us. How we’re under a dark cloud. How we’re at the mercy of others.
  • Stop telling bullshit stories about yourself.

I wrote an entire book about the stories we tell and how to shift them to powerful statements and thoughts that will change your life. Shit: How a Four-Letter Word Can Change Your Life – Transforming Your Story From Inside Out. You can get it here:

  • Write down your successes. We under-estimate and under-value our work all the time. But if you’re observing and recording what you see, you’ll be amazed and maybe even stop saying, “yeah, that happened so what?” or “I did that, but it was no big deal.”  Let yourself be proud of the big deal it actually was.

#2 Decide


Decide comes from decidere – Latin for “to cut off” other possibilities.

Make the decision to act on your beliefs and prove your magic to yourself. Deciding is potent medicine. So, draw a line in the sand and anchor your decision. An anchor is a new belief or affirmation that reminds you of who you really are. For example, I am a powerful witch works for me.

  1. Make the anchor your computer password.
  2. Post it around your home,  (Change the post-its every week because we stop seeing them. Which is magical if you think about it. After all, they are still right there!)
  3. Anchor in your body. Visualize and feel the power of your new belief. When you have that feeling, imagine it becomes a little ball of powerful light. Let it go naturally to your heart. Touch your heart whenever you need to remember your autonomy, sovereignty, and power.

#3 Find Evidence of Other People’s Magic


We minimize our own results so be inspired by other practitioners.

1. Wanting to hear from her departed mother, I told “Abby” about how dimes are signs that someone from the other side is trying to reach you. At first she said, “I never have change around the house. I don’t carry it. I’ve found pennies, but never dimes.” She shrugged and said, “OK, dimes!” And what did she find that week? Dimes. But even better, she felt her mother around her.

2. “Van” was feeling afraid about money and practiced a high vibe ritual with me one night. The next day: money, rather large sums, from two different sources.

3. Weighed down by an old guilt I couldn’t shake no matter what, I got totally disgusted with myself one weekend. I decided it was time to move on. I performed a rather elaborate set of practices, concluding with a ritual bath. I got up different. Free. That feeling of freedom has let me make enormous progress in stuck areas of my life. Honestly I’ve been different since…

#4 Connect to Your Mother

There are times when life loses its glamour, we stop seeing signs during the ordinary day and there’s no flow of insight or intuition even when we sit down and try to find it. We ask for guidance and we get crickets.

Shift your vibration with the power of the earth. Take off your shoes and stand on dirt, rock, soil, grass: on the earth. Let the Mother ground you and drain away the negative energy. Grounding works. Here’s a book to prove it: Earthing: The Most Important Health Discover Ever? by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra and Martin Zucker.


“The fact is that we live on a planet alive with natural energies. Its surface teems with subtly pulsing frequencies, a phenomenon unknown to most people. Who regards the sad, grass, sidewalk, or dirt beneath their feet as an energy field? But that indeed is what the ground has always been. …


your planet is a six sextillion (that six followed by 21 zeros), metric ton battery that is continually being replenished by solar radiation, lightning, and heat from its deep-down molten core.” (Both quotes from Chapter 1)


# 5 Alternatives to Doom Scrolling

You may have an intentional magic practice, but probably you’ve been practicing all sorts of other rituals: some unconscious and habitual, others that seemed like a good idea a long time ago but no longer serve you. I confess to doom scrolling, which I know is the ultimate waste of time.

How to release yours? Try tapping. EFT tapping has piles of research behind it. When I first discovered it around 20 years ago, it didn’t. It was just another woo thing I used that I never mentioned to anyone.

Check out Nick and Jessica Ortner at The Tapping Solution for references to research on tapping, which can reduce inflammation, raise immunity, change gene expression, lower cortisol, resolve PTSD and more. Check them out at

# 6. “I Love Magic” Mantra

“I love magic,” says Harry Potter at some point as he marvels at this world of Hogwart’s School that he’s become a part of. Whenever I see some startling sign or amazing coincidence I say the same. Try it: When a mosquito bites you: “I love magic.” When the clerk at the store is nice to you: “I love magic.” When your dinner comes out just right: “I love magic!”

Here’s a great chant to listen to to get you in a receptive frame of mind. I dare you not to smile…sorry about the ad in the beginning and please let the gentleman go through his introduction. The chant begins at around the first minute.

Enjoy and Blessed Be,